Attorneys and Staff

“Barbara helped me get my office organized and set up for a productive workflow. She customized everything to my needs and listened to me and the result is a flexible system that meets my work style. I’d recommend her to anyone who’s looking to shift how they work to become more productive.”
Julie Fleming, Attorney, Author, Business Development Coach

“I wouldn’t be able to handle everything I’m doing if it weren’t for our working together.”
Brian Shortell, partner, Ballard & Spahr

“Thank you for the organizing session. Money well spent!”
Amy Edelman, General Counsel

“Paper is just a necessary evil but I’m keeping up with it and it’s current.”
Stephanie Thomas, Sutherland

“I have benefited from learning the techniques for working smarter without working longer. I thought I was already organized and found that your recommendations have taken me up a notch.”
Amy Kolczak, Corporate Attorney

“It’s been 10 months since we worked together and I’ve kept my work space clean and organized. I’m really proud of myself. Before we met, I felt completely overwhelmed and didn’t think I could get through the papers.  You had great ideas and helped me a lot. This is my life style now.”
Tonya Black, Legal Secretary


“Thanks for your great work. It gives me such peace of mind.”
Don Sklar, CPAk Sklar & Associates

“Their approach works because you participate in developing effective solutions to meet your needs.”
Mark A. Estroff, CPA Principal of accounting firm

“You have been vital in our firm getting more organized. You have many wonderful thoughts and ideas to assist any company. We will continue to use your services as we grow.”
Robert Gard, Gard & LaFreniere

Financial Planners

“I thank you so much for helping us be a well-oiled machine! We couldn’t have done it without you.”
Michael Hines, President, Consolidated Planning Corporation

“You quickly helped me prioritize my work day to maximize my clients’ profitability and ensure that their money is working for them every minute of every day.”
Monica Giuseffi, Edward Jones

“Barbara really takes the time to understand you and your needs before coming up with a customized solution; one that works! She helped me see through all the white noise and become laser focused which is what you need when you are short on time.”
Georgi Gullia, Director of Business Development, VRA Partners, LLC

Business Executives

“If you are looking to clear the clutter from your office space, please contact It’s Time to Get Organized. They came into my office and helped me organize. It not only cleared my desk it also cleared my head of the feeling of being overwhelmed. For better productivity, safety and stress-free work days call on Barbara and you will not be disappointed.”
Lolita Browning Jackson, Region External Affairs Manager, Georgia Power, a Southern Company

“Thank you so very much for all your help with our office, our staff and myself. I am so happy with how everything has worked out … we have seen a tremendous change in our focus on an overall organizational strategy.”
Jeromy Trask, V.P. Managing Broker Harry Norman Realtors & Mortgage Services

“My office has become a peaceful, organized place where I enjoy working. It is more professional looking, more efficient and more inviting … I’m now confident that I know where to find things. Best of all, I have learned how to stay organized in a way that fits with how I work.”
Marty Butler, Assistant Professor, Emory University

“I really enjoyed our session and am excited about seeing the progress that I am making. I had a client in my office today and my desk was so clean I resisted the urge to say, ‘I still have things to do – I just don’t have them all on my desk at once!’  … I’m wide-eyed-with-wonder that my office can be clean for a full month.”
Stuart Saunders, Mortgage Banker

Home Office

“I did not think that you could organize my computer desk … and you did. It is amazing how much order you created.”
Lenicia Bruce

“You are very efficient, you used the time with me productively and I would recommend you and your professional services to anyone.”
Karen Vohman

“That system works. Just take a look at my office 11 months later. It is great and completely organized. I thank you every time I go in there.”
Muriel Scoler

“I feel better the instant you walk through the door. The new systems are working well. What’s so neat is that I can find the files that we created together.”
Becky Work


“I hired Leslie to help me organize my office a few years ago. She is great at helping the person organize so that their daily workflow is improved and they become more efficient. They will love her!”
Richard Kirby, Co-founder Executive Impact

“Leslie has taken the initiative to create systems of organizing, filing and retrieving client data that are easy to follow and work extremely well. Her spirit and attitude are about helpfulness. She is truly a pleasure to be around.”
Keith Eigel Ph.D.,Co-founder, The Leaders Lyceum

“My office was a disaster. It sometimes took me hours to find things. After working with Leslie and Barbara everything has its place and I am far more efficient. The process was painless and thorough.”
Robert Joseph, Ph.D., Braineo Web Solutions

Personal Productivity

“Leslie Walden is a great paper shrink, literally and figuratively.The paper piles in my office were threatening to swallow me up, and Leslie stepped in and helped me to organize.  Not only did she come up with good physical suggestions for storage, she addresses the psychological side of my paper handling behavior. We started three months ago, and I’ve been able to get ALL my floor paper piles into files. I have recommended Leslie to friends who are paper challenged.”
Rick Hamilton, Realtor

“It has been a constant struggle to keep my space decluttered and papers organized. The disorganization constrained my productivity. Now that I have a plan and system, it’s not that overwhelming. I’m motivated to get organized – and stay organized!”
Kathy Nunnally Anemogiannis, Principal at Regions Executive Recruiting

“I am glad I worked with you. It’s still the best money I’ve ever invested.”
Anne Shaw

“The organizing strategies you helped us implement have changed my life.”
Sheila Cohen

Speaking and Seminars

“We thoroughly enjoyed your presentation and especially appreciate the way you were able to customize your seminar to fit our needs.”
Dianna Hunter-Carr, Sutherland

“You brought enthusiasm, knowledge and passion to the workshop you conducted for the Georgia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. What pros! We can’t wait to the great time management tips and ideas.”
Santiago Marquez, VP and CFO, GA Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

“Your speaking engagement at the Small Business meeting was not only beautifully executed and loaded with valuable organizing solutions, but it was also very well-received.”
Stephanie Little, IKEA Atlanta