Time-Savings Calculator


Time-Savings Calculator

This handy calculator illustrates how much time you and your employees can expect to save when you work with our team. The savings – time and money – mount up quickly when you make better use of your time in any of these areas. The ROI is substantial.

Input Number of Employees

If you … you’ll have an extra …
Daily Savings Monthly Savings Yearly Savings
… Reduce Email Handling by minutes/day (1)
… Reduce interruptions/distractions by minutes/day (2)
… Plan minutes/day (3)
… Spend minutes/day less locating important documents (4)


Note: Savings are calculated on a 40 hour week, 22 day month, 48 week year.

(1)   The average employee spends 1-2 hours on email and receives 200 emails daily.  (Source: Basex Business and Technology Research Firm 2008)

(2)   The average employee is interrupted every three minutes; it takes 25 minutes to regain concentration after each interruption. (Source: 2006 University of California-Irvine Study)

(3)   Every minute spent planning creates an additional 3-10 minutes. (Source: Effexis Software) To be on the conservative side, the Time Saving Calculator uses 3 minutes.

(4)   The average employee wastes 55 minutes per day looking for misplaced items. (Source: The Wall Street Journal) To be on the conservative side, the Time Saving Calculator uses 20 minutes.