Do you want to maximize your personal productivity and the profitability of your business? Whether the need is to streamline your office procedures and workflow or to provide training for your employees to manage their time better, we can help your business save money. Our business organizers work with entrepreneurs as well as small, medium and large businesses to increase their efficiency and improve their bottom line. We collaborate with you, your business, and your employees to create a more efficient, more productive office environment.

We understand the specific needs and requirements for legal, accounting, and financial management professionals. Customized strategies help increase billable hours for attorneys and CPAs and eliminate non-productive time. Financial planners will benefit from organizational and time management techniques that maximize the bottom line through greater productivity.

Here are the ways we work with you:

Workflow and Process Management: Manage your procedures better so that projects flow smoothly with less time wasted. Make your workflow process more efficient across job functions. We can also help you design or arrange your office for greater functionality.

Electronic and Paper Filing Systems: Find what you need quickly. Even if your desk (or your employees’ desks) are covered with stacks of paper, we can develop a paper management system personalized for the way you and your employees think. Important documents will be easier to retrieve by everyone in the office. Help reduce the clutter and be more effective at work.

Time Management Training: Take charge of your schedule. Learn the secrets of handling distractions and prioritizing projects. Make your calendar work for you, juggle multiple projects and accomplish your goals on time. Time management training is available on an individual basis or as part of a group seminar.

Speaking & Seminars: Let us tailor a training class that works for your firm or business. The classes cover a number of topics that will help maximize efficiency by strengthening time-management and organizational skills. Attendees leave with easy-to-implement techniques they can use immediately.

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