The Benefits of Business Partnerships

February 13, 2012 By lesliew No comments yet Workflow Processes

We constantly hear about the perils and horror stories of partnerships – well, I for one, vote yes to a good partnership that is based on honestly, trust, and the willingness to listen. It’s almost like a marriage. It’s a two way street. Always remember to say, “Please,” “Thank You,” and “Great Job.” Continually ask yourselves, “How can we make our partnership stronger?”

One benefit of a partnership is that even when you are unable to work, your clients’ needs will always get met.  Whether it is a meeting, phone call or presentation your partner can communicate with the client or prospect if you are not available. Sometimes it is decided to reschedule and other times your partner takes over.  Either way you know your client is in good hands.  Note: This is also a good reason to introduce your partner to as many of your clients as possible.

Another benefit is accountability – who better than your partner to keep you on task!  Whether it is sticking to our agenda or time checks throughout the day, we support each other.

Brainstorming is a huge benefit that is often overlooked by partners.  Leslie and I value each others’ strengths and constantly brainstorm – two heads are definitely better than one.

I have been unable to work for over two weeks. My recovery has been faster because I was able to concentrate on my health as I knew Leslie was taking care of our business.  I am sure our clients got top-notch service. Whether it is home emergencies, health issues, or needed vacations, a partner handles work while you are not there.

Strong partnerships take time and effort, but the benefits are worth it.


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