October 9, 2012 By lesliew No comments yet Passwords, Track Passwords

Are you overwhelmed with the number of passwords you have? I am. There are a variety of programs available to keep track of them and many of them are on line – in the cloud or in our electronic files.

IN THE CLOUD: Try www.lastpass.com<http://www.lastpass.com. While I haven’t used it personally, this program comes highly rated by other professional organizers. The program helps create your passwords, assess their strength, organize them, fill out forms … and more!

IN YOUR COMPUTER FILES: An Excel Spreadsheet or a table in Word can also work although it does not provide the many features that software in the cloud can offer.

What about the people who don’t trust their passwords to computers?

IN YOUR HAND: This low-tech, low-cost suggestion requires you to manually log passwords into a small notebook. Retailers and on line sites  sell them. If you purchase a little notebook, place it in a file folder rather than leaving it out. Just remember while file you put it in.

Now you now have 3 different ways to keep track of passwords. Which one are you going to try?

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